TLC Animal Sanctuary was started in 2006, when our founder discovered a dog hiding in the bushes of a neighbor's home.  Upon locating the owner, it was evident that the dog was no longer wanted.  After trying for hours to figure out where to take the dog, and being told repeatedly that the shelters were full and that the dog would likely be euthanized, an idea began to come to fruition.

With the continued love and support of our rescue members, volunteers, fosters and adopters, as well as the wonderful support from the public, TLC began to grow.

To date, we have rescued over 700 animals; dogs, cats, pigs, guinea pigs, rabbits, squirrels, ducks, birds, and more!  Although our primary focus is dogs and cats, we've always had a hard time saying, "no" to an animal in need.  We work closely with over 20 Michigan shelters and other rescues, and several shelters all over the country.  

We now specialize in taking in critical animals;  those that may be euthanized due to aggression or anxiety, seniors, or special needs animals.  We dedicate a longer amount of time to each of our animals to rehabilitate them, so that they are capable of being cherished family members.  We also train therapy dogs for children with disabilities.

Our mission is to rescue homeless or abandoned dogs and cats and place them in permanent, responsible, and loving homes. We are an all-volunteer, foster-based, non-profit organization.


We pride ourselves on being self-funded, and we try to save the animals that no one else wants.  We often spend months rehabilitating, socializing, or providing medical care to animals in need.  


If you are in a position to help save a life by opening your heart and home, please take a moment to fill out this application.

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