Hayden - Available Now!

Breed:  Black Lab/Pit Mix

Age:  11 Months

Sex:  Male (Neutered)

Adoption Fee:  $175

Our sweet, sweet Hayden is so ready for his new home!  He's been in foster for over 6 months, and not one person has even tried to come meet him!  And how can you POSSIBLY resist those ears?

You can't ask for a better behaved boy.  At about 40-45lbs, he is the perfect size.  He obviously gets along great with other dogs and cats, and is great with children of all sizes.  He is well-behaved, does great on a lease, and is potty trained.​  Hayden would do great in any home.

If you are interested in adopting one of these cuties, please click on the "apply here"  tab at the bottom of the page.  All of our animals will go to their new homes fully vetted, and spayed/neutered if they are over the age of 4 months.  All of our adoptions start on a two week trial basis, to make sure they are the right fit for your family.

Interested in adopting?

PUPPIES! - JASPER is still available! (as of 1/11/17)

Breed:  Lab/Sharpei/Boxer (Our best guess)

Age:  4 weeks 

Sex:  4 females, 3 males  

Adoption Fee:  $275 ($50 refund w/proof of spay or neuter.)

The Momma of these babies was surrendered to the River Rouge shelter, about 6 days prior to giving birth.  Thankfully, she gave birth to 7 beautiful and healthy little babies.  They have been HIGHLY socialized, and love spending time with adults and children.  Their favorite thing is to snuggle into your neck for some loving. 

They will make a great addition to any family!

Penny - ADOPTED!

Breed:  Shepherd/Retriever mix

Age:  2 years

Sex:  Female

Adoption Fee:  $225  

Penny was left abandoned in a home in Detroit, with two other puppies and a kitten.  She suffered dearly, and it took several months to nurse her back to health.  She is currently going through heartworm treatment for a mild case of heartworm.  She is an amazingly loving, mild-mannered dog, who loves all people and animals, and is immaculately trained. She is one of the lowest maintenance dogs we've ever had in rescue!  Penny is fully vetted and spayed, and will be ready for adoption once she completes her HW treatments.

Adoptable animals

ruby - ADOPTED!

Breed:  Purebred AKC Cocker Spaniel
Age:  6 years
Sex:  Female
Adoption Fee:  $175

Ruby was surrendered by her elderly owner, who couldn't walk anymore.  Although surrendering Ruby was devastating for her, it was evident Ruby was well loved and wonderfully trained.

Ruby is a talker!  She will have a full conversation with you, especially when she's hungry or wants to go outside.  She is one hilarious pup!  She is very obedient, knows basic commands, and is house-trained.  She gets along with kids of all ages and all animals.


Breed:  Pibbles

Age:  Born October 22, 2016

Sex:  3 females, 1 male

Adoption fee:  $275 ($50 refund w/proof of spay or neuter)

These adorable little cuties were saved by CHAINED, INC., when their Momma became septic and passed away right after birth.  With no Momma to nurse them, they became our 'bottle babies'.  These bundles of joy are going to be amazing pets, as they have been handled and cared for by humans since they were three days old.  

Please be advised these babies will not be adopted out to anyone that currently resides in a BSL area, or an area that is in jeopardy of passing BSL.


Breed:  Black Lab/Sharpei

Age:  10 months

Sex:  Female

Adoption Fee:  $225  

Piper was an owner-surrender to the River Rouge shelter, about six days prior to giving birth.  Although she was basically a puppy herself, she has just been the best Momma!

Piper is slow warming up, but exhibits absolutely no aggression towards people or other animals.  She is obedient, and happy to see her 'people'.  Due to the fact she was likely unsocialized the majority of her life, she will take a kind-hearted person who will be patient with her, to give her time to trust them.  She is potty-trained, does great on a leash, loves walks, and is eager to please.


Breed:  Purebred Papillion

Age:  11

Sex: Male

Adoption Fee:  $75

Diego was rescued from the Macomb Humane Society, where his owner dumped him after giving him 11 years of his life.  And we certainly can't figure out why ANYONE would let this little guy go!

Diego is full of love, and is the lowest maintenance dog you'll ever find.  He will bark at the door to let you know when he needs out, doesn't need to be leashed, (although we request it) loves to lay on your lap, and absolutely loves men.  Due to his age, we will request a home with no small children.  Diego also has some jealousy issues when he's in your lap, so a firm owner to make sure he keeps his manners in check is required.